Our Services

Our Services

We are proud to provide a wide array of services to address all of your alcoholic beverage licensing needs. Whether you need a new liquor license, assistance with renewals or have compliance issues, we’ve got you covered.

New Liquor Licenses

Our team has over 75 years of combined experience in obtaining liquor licenses across the United States. We assist during the due diligence phase by providing comprehensive details on the licensing process, the timing, and how the alcoholic beverage operation may be transitioned so that there is no break in service. Once the intended operation has been confirmed, Bluebonnet generates a thorough checklist of all items that must be assembled along with suggestions on how the disclosures might be minimized. Once the applications are prepared and executed, Bluebonnet submits them to the licensing agency and works continually with the regulators to ensure that the new license issues in a timely fashion.

Violations & Citations

Bluebonnet Consulting understands that violations and citations happen from time to time. We work with agencies across the country and can help you minimize liability by promptly addressing and responding to citations in real time.


Our proprietary databases allow us to ensure that liquor licenses are renewed timely and efficiently without unnecessary fire drills. Each licensing agency has its own unique set of requirements for renewing liquor licenses. We understand the deadlines and know what documentation will be required in order to renew your alcoholic beverage license. Whether it’s a tax clearance, certificate of insurance or a performance bond, Bluebonnet works with your team to ensure that all documentation is assembled efficiently so that your license is renewed in a timely fashion.

Mergers & Portfolio Acquisitions

Handling large portfolio transactions and mergers is one of Bluebonnet’s specialties. We understand what it takes to close a large transaction and have worked extensively with private equity firms and lenders to get the job done. Whether it’s an upper-tier change in ownership, a reverse triangular merger or a like kind exchange, we understand deals and can help you manage the licensing requirements so that your transaction may be consummated without any licensing issues.


The alcoholic beverage industry is highly regulated and once a liquor license is issued, the licensee is responsible for keeping the license in compliance. Bluebonnet Consulting has extensive experience in managing licenses to maintain their compliance. Officer changes, entity structure changes and flag changes must all be reported to the licensing authorities and the requirements vary by jurisdiction. Many agencies also require that changes to key on-site personnel be updated within short time frames. Our goal is to ensure that there is never a break in your establishment’s alcoholic beverage service and we can help you manage your licenses so that they remain in full compliance with local regulators.

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